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The Curse of the Spider-Man

Who will step in and shut down this insane Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

It’s the theatrical equivalent of the war in Afghanistan:  endless casualties, exploding costs, an uncertain timetable, and nobody even knows why it’s still going on.  The only difference is that the Afghan war doesn’t have a soundtrack by Bono.

The latest injury came last night, when Christopher Tierney — a stunt actor playing Spider-Mandropped 30 feet and smashed into the orchestra pit after a safety cable broke.  (Grainy video below.)

This after actress Natalie Mendoza suffered a concussion during the first preview, and after one actor broke both wrists and another broke both feet during rehearsals.

The good news is, once it stops busting up actors, the show could start to turn a profit as early as 2015!

We were just joking when we said Spider-Man should star in Phantom of the Opera instead of his own show, but that idea is looking better and better. 

[Update: Producers say the show will resume tomorrow.  Just like the Afghan War!]


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