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The Incorrigible Weiner — I Mean, “Carlos Danger”

New York mayoral candidate and sex scandal veteran Anthony Weiner has been once again caught having online sex chats, this time as “Carlos Danger.”

I only read the brief, breathless news from The Huffington Post. Those who wish will have no trouble digging up all the details.

The long and short of it is that Anthony Weiner was absolutely right a little while ago, when he said more photos would surface. This time, it comes after a months-long online relationship with a 22 year-old woman (whew! At least it’s a woman! I’ll bet that’s what some people are thinking). This is a relationship that happened AFTER Weiner resigned from Congress for doing the very same thing.

Which means it was AFTER his wife had their first child.

According to the Huffington Post, she’s standing by her man. And I think that’s perfectly fine, frankly. When it comes to human relationships — say, marriage — I don’t presume to know what goes on. For all I know, his wife is right alongside him while he’s having sex chats.

From the voter’s perspective, however, it’s a little more serious than that. Not so much because he’s having online jollies, but because he was already busted once, and because after he was busted he was chastised by the rest of the world, and because the message they tried to send to Anthony Weiner was, “jeepers, dude, are you really that self-absorbed?”

A pretty generous response, really, with continued generosity evidenced by his genuine shot at becoming New York’s mayor.

And Anthony Weiner’s response to that kindness is, apparently, “No, I’m not. I’m even MORE self-absorbed than you’d imagined.”

Which means he has a shot at the presidency someday, I suppose.

Worst of all, Weiner apparently used the alias “Carlos Danger” for his sexual adventures. Because having his surname — pronounced “weener” — just wasn’t enough of a joke.

The icing on the cake, to me, is that “Carlos Danger” reminds me of “Ron Mexico” — that was the alias apparently used by football player Michael Vick (but while using prostitutes, not while managing dogfights).

I fully expect an avalanche of prankster passport applications in the coming months from Carlos Danger, born in Ruan, Mexico.

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