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You Get One Phone Call from Prison, Charlie Brown / United Features Syndicate

Words you never thought you’d hear the voice of Charlie Brown saying:

When she stopped doing meth, I stopped drinking. I thought maybe there was a future for us.

Yes, more details are in on the arrest of Peter Robbins, the actor who voiced beloved tyke Charlie Brown in the 1960s. And it’s not a story that Charles Schulz would love.

Robbins talked to a San Diego reporter from jail this weekend. Things started out well enough:

“Here’s what happened to me, Phil — a girl broke my heart. That’s what this is all about,” Robbins said.

Just like the real Charlie Brown! Except it turns out that the girl is an alleged meth addict, he paid for her $6500 breast implants, and then pretty soon he was threatening to kill the girlfriend and scrawling notes to the doctor that said, “You are a hack job! You butcher.”

Meanwhile, he was also telling people he had cancer. Oops!

I made it up, I don’t have cancer. I wanted to live though, like I did have cancer, like Lance Armstrong.

Lying and death threats — well, that is Lance Armstrong all over. 

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