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President Bush: My Truck For Your Missing Limbs

Former President George W. Bush’s truck was sold at a charity auction this week for $300,000. Hey! That would buy about 30 prosthetic limbs for the (American) survivors of the war he started!

But not for long, since prosthetic limbs wear out and have to be replaced every four or five years. Not to worry! The money President George W. Bush‘s former truck raised will go to the Fisher House Foundation, and they don’t pay for prosthetic limbs anyway. They provide lodging for the members of the military and their families who are getting treatment in the military hospitals in Maryland.

It’s part of what George W. Bush is “giving back” to the veterans who gave up parts of their bodies and their lives and their loved ones so that Americans could live a life free of that troublesome imp, Saddam Hussein.

As you may recall, Saddam Hussein is that guy who had nothing whatsoever to do with the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, so we invaded his country to avenge the deaths of our countrymen. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then welcome to the world.

Mr. Bush even signed the right-side airbag, to prove the vehicle’s authenticity. Maybe it’s common practice to sell old Ford pickups and claim them as the one-time property of George W. Bush. I don’t know, but it sounds as though they have measures in place now to guarantee authenticity. Measures probably introduced by that tyrant, Barack Obama!

And here’s the best, most Bush-like part of the whole “donation”: it’s not even a truck he had as president of the United States! It’s one he bought after leaving the White House. It’s not even tricked out, presidential-like!

It may have been the first time I felt a connection to George W. Bush. I was reminded of how when the homeless shelter calls, I donate old shoes instead of one of the many warm coats I never wear.

The Fisher House should be commended. I’m not saying they should turn down the money.

I’m saying that for a guy like George W. Bush to start a war that killed 4500 Americans and countless foreigners, a war that left us with more than 30,000 wounded Americans and cost almost a trillion dollars — for a guy like that to turn around and offer up his old pickup truck in return? That’s an insult.

It’s like the drunk driver telling his paralyzed victim, “Here, I gotcha a BRAND NEW used wheelchair! Ain’t I a peach?”

And last year, Jay Leno‘s old tractor raised $535,000 at the auction. Think about that.

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