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Charlotte Casiraghi Photos: In a Gucci Ad, On Horses, and in a Summer Dress

Photo of Charlotte Casiraghi in a Gucci ad, with her hair in a bandanna

Charlotte Casiraghi is the new face of of Gucci fashions, the company has announced. Her first ad is already appearing in magazines.

Who is Charlotte Casiraghi?  She’s the niece of Monaco’s ruler, Prince Albert, and the granddaughter of actress Grace Kelly.  

Her last name comes from her father, Stefano Casiraghi, who was killed in a power-boating accident when she was four. Her mother, Princess Caroline, raised her in France and shielded her from publicity for much of her childhood, but at age 25 she’s become a public figure on her own.

Her special passion is horses, and Gucci is big on horses, so it’s a natural fit. 

Charlotte Casiraghi photo on a horse leaping over a three-bar fence

This photo is from a jumping event held at the Club Hippique de Nice in southern France just last weekend. Note the cute little shin booties on the horse.

Photo of Charlotte Casiraghi leaping awkwardly onto a horse in the middle of the ring

Here’s Charlotte Casiraghi leaping off of her horse at the same event. It’s not clear from our photo feed if horse-leaping was part of the competition, or if (as we guess) he balked at a gate and she fell off.

Photo of Charlotte Casiraghi landing on her horse after leaping up in the ring

A shot from a moment earlier, before the leap. (Unless the horse was running backwards and she was leaping on, that is.) Everything worked out in the end, in any case:

Photo of Charlotte Casiraghi in full equestrian outfit, smiling as she walks her horse

Charlotte Casiraghi has actually been wearing custom-designed Gucci outfits in horse competitions for a few years

Charlotte Casiraghi in a blue silk Gucci top and white pants, with a horse

The difference is that now she’ll be wearing Gucci when she’s not on a horse. (Can’t we all say the same?) You’ve got to be pretty fit to wear those form-fitting white trousers.

Now for some non-horse-related photos. This is from the Gucci Museum opening in Florence, Italy last September:

Charlotte Casiraghi photos, showing her in a glossy green dress with flapper-type tassels hanging down

A sweet photo from the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock last summer:

Charlotte Casiraghi photo, with her leaning on the shoulder of Prince Albert at a banquet table

And, from the Monaco Grand Prix of 2009, Charlotte Casiraghi in a summer dress:

Charlotte Casiraghi photos, with her standing in white summer dress with red flowers

Here she is a year later, at the 2010 Etam Lingerie Fashion Show held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris:

Charlotte Casiraghi photos, in a white blouse and black blazer, head cocked and smiling
Paris, Florence, Monaco, Nice… she gets around. Good to know that someone’s living the life out there.
Gucci also released this super-slick video of Charlotte Casiraghi at the ad shoot:
Sure looks like she knows what she’s doing.
One more horse photo to wrap up, from the Gucci Masters Competition of 2010 in Paris:
Charlotte Casiraghi photo in helmet and smiling on a white horse


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