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‘Good Job, Dad. You Didn’t Mess Up.’

Photo of Barack Obama swear-in, with him standing amid family with his hand on a Bible

Barack Obama has been sworn in for his second term as president of the United States, with his family looking on:

President Obama recited the oath of office with his hand atop first lady Michelle Obama’s family Bible. Following the brief ceremony, the president received praise from his daughters: “I’m so happy!” Malia Obama told her father, followed by Sasha Obama’s, “Good job, Dad. You didn’t mess up.”

Chief Justice John Roberts did the swearing-in.

Also, the White House has released the official portrait of Barack Obama for the next term, taken by White House super-photog Pete Souza:

Official portrait of Barack Obama, arms crossed and grinning, in the Oval Office

Nice shot. But bet that by the year 2017, he’ll be glad to wear a suit without having to stick an American flag on the lapel every single time.

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  • Laura Morland

    Ha! I’m sure you’re right about the lapel pin! (Nice photo. I’ll miss him.)

    • Boy, for sure. He probably even has to wear a pin on his T-shirt while he plays basketball. He does look great in that shot, though. He’s been a good prez.

  • CharlesCarmen HT “Flyby711” Fr

    Missing you already. Going to be a lot of that❤