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Happy Birthday, Kanye!

Kanye West turns 35 years old on June 8th. To celebrate, here’s our gallery of Kanye stickers by KanyePDX, a sticker graffitt artist — slaptagger — from the Pacific Northwest.

Kanye as a famous sculpture in downtown Portland KanyePDX collaboration with street artist Skam Pregnant Kanye by KanyePDX Why is everybody pointing at Kanye? Big Pink Kanye Kanye on the way to Oz Kanye over the city! Kanye with glasses Kanye and cats! A cat with Kanye! She loves you, yeah! Kanye hosts the kitty cat BBQ! It's a whole new world, Kanye!

So happy birthday, Kanye West. Some have called you “The American Mozart.” I don’t know about that. I know I found plenty of amusement in reading about his best lyrics. And I think I heard he had a crush on one of the Kardashians, one of the divorced ones. But not the mom. I don’t think.

(Photos by Mr. Hehn. Stickers by KanyePDX. See more here. Or, with many other sticker artists, here.)

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