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Nicole Kidman’s Reverse Angle Stays Busy at Cannes

Photo of Nicole Kidman at Cannes, from behind, posing for a bank of photographers with her arms around two men

Because we never get tired of these reverse-angle shots with rabid photographers at Cannes, we proudly present to you: Nicole Kidman‘s back side. Here she’s posing with Matthew McConaughy (our left) and Zac Efron, her co-stars in the movie The Paperboy.

Nicole Kidman photo at Cannes, full-length, standing behind a podium-box for photographers

Nicole Kidman’s a star, so she gets a solo shot as well.

Photo of Nicole Kidman from behind, in a plaid dress, leaning on a podium for photographers

Next day, same podium, same Nicole Kidman, same heels, same two balding photographers with sunglasses on their heads, different movie: Hemingway and Gellhorn.

Photo of Nicole Kidman looking scared, in a Parisian-type bar, with Clive Owen also looking scared plus wearing a beret

Side trip! A still from Hemingway and Gellhorn, an HBO film. Kidman plays Martha Gellhorn, the WWII journalist and later wife of Ernest Hemingway. And Clive Owen (!) plays Hemingway.

Photo of Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen at Cannes, with arms around each other and her hand on his chest as they pose

Together back at Cannes, with Nicole Kidman using her delicate hand to subtly shove Clive out of the frame.

Nicole Kidman photo seen from behind in a red backless gown entering a party hall

Back to our theme: Nicole Kidman in a backless gown on her way in to the afterparty for Cannes showing of The Paperboy. The busy life of a star.

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