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Spider-Man to Star in ‘Phantom of the Opera’?

 The LA Times says that not only is the Spider-Man 4 movie in trouble, so is the expensive new Broadway show.

A “Spider-Man” Broadway musical (in which Sony is an investor) has been delayed by creative and financial problems and with a budget in excess of $50 million is the most expensive musical in theater history. It’s unclear when — or even if — the musical will open.

Why doesn’t Broadway take the easy way out and just cast Spider-Man as the next Phantom in Phantom of the Opera?

Suppose you get Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst to take over the Phantom/Spidey and Christine/Mary Jane roles for six months?  (They’re available!)  It’d be the biggest smash pairing since Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in The Producers. It’s too perfect.


If the Hollywood boys can’t make something out of this to rejuvenate the movie franchise too, they’re not as sharp as they used to be. Sam Goldwyn could do this in his sleep.  Here’s a hint: Spider-Man 4: Paris.

Tell me you’re not dying to see J. Jonah Jameson in a beret.

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