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Photo of George Bush

George H.W. Bush: A Good Man, A Bitter Political Legacy

Any discussion of President George Herbert Walker Bush, who died yesterday at age 94, should start by acknowledging that he was by any measure a public servant, a fine family …..

E.L. Doctorow Tees Off

Celebrated author E.L. Doctorow offers a how-to guide to American “unexceptionalism.”

U.S. Supreme Court Opening Day

 The first Monday of October is the opening day for the United States Supreme Court.  Can you name all twelve Supreme Court justices?

Is Weinergate All About Clarence Thomas?

Angry Black Lady makes a pretty good case.  The kicker, about the connection to Rep. Anthony Weiner, comes near the end.  (Warning: contains naughty language plus frank talk about Clarence Thomas.){ Hat tip: The Dish }

The Certainty of Antonin Scalia

In this brief interview with California Lawyer Magazine, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia displays his trademark certainty — he knows everything and everything he thinks is right. Didn’t you know that?

A Robert Bork Biography

Mr. Hehn has posted a new biography of Robert Bork.