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The Big Big Birthdays of 2011

Happy New Year from Who2! And an early ‘happy birthday’ to these famous people who celebrate landmark birthdays in 2011.

300 Years

Philosopher DAVID HUME was born on April 26th, 1711.  He wrangled with Rousseau and argued that experience and observation must be the foundation of human knowledge. 

200 Years

Conjoined twins CHANG and ENG BUNKER were born on May 11th, 1811. They lived into their sixties, fathered 21 children between them, and are buried in Mayberry

Long-haired composer FRANZ LISZT, the greatest pianist of his day, was born in Hungary on October 22nd, 1811.

HARRIET BEECHER STOWE, who would write the anti-slavery classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1851, was born in Connecticut on June 14th of 1811.

ELISHA OTIS, inventor of the elevator safety brake and the man whose name is on most elevators you step into, turns 200 on August 3rd.

Probably-not-real furball BIGFOOT was first sighted near Jasper, Alberta by Canadian fur trader David Thompson on January 7th, 1811.

100 Years

Future lifeguard, actor, and president RONALD REAGAN was born on February 6th, 1911.

Future screwball comedian LUCILLE BALL made her first big entrance in New York on August 6th, 1911.

Hothead JACK RUBY, who would shoot the guy who shot JFK, was born in Chicago in 1911.

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, anxious author of A Streetcar Named Desire, was born on March 26th, 1911 in Mississippi.

BABE DIDRIKSON ZAHARIAS, awesome athlete who probably could have beat up Tennessee Williams, turns 100 on June 26th.

Blues guitarist ROBERT JOHNSON, who supposedly traded his soul to the devil, was born on May 8th, 1911.

10 Years

First Daughter SASHA OBAMA turns 10 on June 10th. Good for her!

Happy birthday to them all.  Now see all the other people celebrating 200th and 100th birthdays. 

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