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Queen’s Jubliee Photos: The Royal Family Rocks the Thames

How long has Queen Elizabeth II ruled?

Put it this way: If she were to die tomorrow (God forbid)… and were Prince Charles to succed her as King… and were Charles to live to 123 years of age… then in the year 2072 we would celebrate another Diamond Jubilee for a British monarch.

It’s not likely to happen. So enjoy these photos from Queen Elizabeth’s very rare Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Photo of Queen Elizabeth smiling with friendly determination in a blue dress

No one has a royal game face quite like the Queen. She was ready for action on Saturday at the Epsom Derby, the kickoff event for Jubilee weekend.

Photo of Prince Philip with a carnation in his buttonhole and a very fine top hat

The Duke of Edinburgh, age 90, also came to play.  I wish I had his dresser. 

Photo of a man with a Queen Elizabeth tattoo on his neck

Tributes to the Queen were everywhere.

A topless man looks across the Thames at a huge photo of the Royal Family

Along the Thames, a photo of the Royal Family from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebration in 1977.  The Brits know how to set the stage.

Photo of Prince Charles and Camilla sitting at a long lunch table with Union Jack tablecloth, chatting with commoners

Late Sunday morning, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall sat down to lunch at a street party in Picadilly. People say he’s a toff or a twit or a nob or whatever the British insult is, but I like the guy. Camilla also seems like a gamer.

Photo of ships large and small massing along the Thames

Time for the main event: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant Flotilla.  Sunday was wet, but commentators agreed (again and again) that the British spirit was unbowed.  

Photo of the Royal Family on the Queen's barge, standing out in the rain

Here she comes!

Queen Elizabeth photo on her barge, with Prince Philip leaning over to make a comment

The Queen was well-wrapped for the weather. She and Prince Philip found plenty to talk about on their way upriver.

Photo of a large Royal barge, looking a bit like those shipping barges on the Rhine, floating up the Thames

The Queen’s barge arrives with full protective escort.

A family with faces painted in the Union Jack smile for the camera

An estimated one million Brits lined the Thames to watch the flotilla…

Photo of Queen Elizabeth in a white dress and scarf, waving to crowds

…and were in turn saluted by the Queen. She abandoned her usual pastels for a Jubilee-appropriate shimmer.

Photo of Prince Harry, Catherine, and Prince William lined up along the boat rail

The next generation. Prince Harry and Prince William wear their active-duty military garb; the Duchess of Cambridge wears red from Alexander McQueen.

Photo of Kate Middleton smiling at the Queen, who is seen from behind

Kate had a big smile for the Queen. She sure can wear the clothes.

A couple wears Union Jack running tights (VERY tight) and masks of Elizabeth and Philip

Not all the revelers were strictly respectful. But it all seemed to be in good fun.

Photo of Queen Elizabeth, smiling on her barge, in a lovely white coat and hat

In the end, though, it’s hard to make fun of this Queen. She’s a little too cool, a little too bulletproof for that.  You don’t need to love the monarchy to admit that she plays her role very well indeed.

Here’s hoping she’s around for a Double Diamond Jubilee in 2022.

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