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Aaron Hernandez walks across a football field. He is muscular, with short hair; both arms are covered with tattoos, and he wears red receiver's gloves.

Aaron Hernandez Hangs Himself in Prison

Aaron Hernandez — convicted murderer, acquitted double-murder suspect, and former million-dollar NFL star — is dead. Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correction Center, a maximum-security prison about …..

Sportscaster Pat Summerall Died

Pat Summerall has died, at the age of 82. I don’t even watch sports on TV, but I still recognize Pat Summerall as one of the greats when it comes to TV broadcasters.

Colin Kaepernick Biography: New!

The finger-licking good not-quite-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is the subject of our latest biography.

Tom Brady Likes New Socks

 Truer words were never spoken by any philosopher: “I love new socks.”

Joe Paterno Is Now Dead

Joe Paterno is dead. After CBS News ran with the story too soon on Saturday night, the former Penn State football coach did indeed die on Sunday.

Al Davis: A Career Timeline

When was the late Al Davis in the Army? And just how old is his son?

Teddy Roosevelt and the History of Football

 This week the blog for has an article called “Score One for Roosevelt,” recounting how President Teddy Roosevelt helped “save” American football.