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Mary Tyler Moore Slideshow

In honor of her 75th birthday today, Styleist magazine has a slideshow of television star Mary Tyler Moore.

The Dogs of War

Canine commandos: a photo essay.One went along on the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Meet Heidi, the Timberline Lodge St. Bernard

Tell me this dog isn’t cute. Heidi became the latest St. Bernard “in residence” at Oregon’s Timberline Lodge in September. My cousin, Kristin Garrett, is the wrangler. 

Paris Hilton is to Blame for California’s Abandoned Chihuahua Epidemic

California has a Chihuahua problem:In what appears to be strictly a California phenomenon, Golden State animal shelters have been deluged with Chihuahuas. The trembling, pop-eyed canines have replaced pit bulls as the dogs most likely to turn up at the pound.”A couple years ago if a little one came in it’d be adopted before it touched the ground,” said Kate O’Connor, director of the Berkeley shelter.