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Two More Popefuls: New Biographies of Papabiles!

Black smoke today means the College of Cardinals has not decided on a new pope. We have new biographies of Peter Turkson and Angelo Bagnasco, two possible replacements — papabiles!

The term “papabiles” refers to anyone who might be in a position to become pope of the Catholic church.

It does NOT include popular Italians such as George Clooney.

We prefer the term “popeful” — because, well, because it sounds as though the process is so entirely political, we assume that nobody gets into the position of maybe becoming the pope unless they really WANT to become the pope. Unless they’re angling to become the pope, it seems.

You must have some political and administrative skill to run the largest Christian church in the world, after all. Especially when legal scandals are steering the boat through today’s turbulent holy waters.

Back when Joseph Ratzinger was a mere cardinal, in 2005, Who2 researched the top popefuls who might replace John Paul II. Along those first-stringers of seven years ago, we have biographies of some of today’s top running papabiles:

Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi’s biography is here.

Cardinal Angelo Scola’s biography is here.

Cardinal Peter Turkson’s biography is here.

Cardinal Francis Arinze’s biography is here.

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco’s biography is here.

Arch-bishop  Sean O’Malley’s biography is here.

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