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Chuck Berry duckwalks toward the camera, guitar at the ready. He's wearing a nice pair of tan Oxford shoes

The Five Biggest Deaths of 2017

Who was the most significant death of 2017? The year is drawing to a close, and so far 29 people have died who were famous enough to have biographies in Who2. …..

Michael Flynn photo, with Flynn smiling in an Army uniform in front of a huge flag, his chest full of ribbons

How Old is Michael Flynn? Nobody Knows for Sure

Lt. General Michael Flynn celebrates his 59th birthday sometime this month. The trick is, nobody seems to know when. Oh, presumably his mother knows. But we looked pretty hard for the exact …..

Meghan Markle with bare shoulders and a full head of hair, turned 3/4 to the camera

Meghan Markle Biography – New!

Our new Meghan Markle biography is now live — in anticipation of her (maybe) marrying Britain’s Prince Harry. [ November 27 update: They’re officially engaged. ] Meghan Markle has already worn …..

David Cassidy photo, showing off his heartthrobby looks with long brown hair parted in the middle

David Cassidy Sings ‘I Think I Love You’

David Cassidy has died at age 67, and if you’re not old enough to weep nostalgic tears at news of his passing, you may instead be saying “Who is David …..

Twitter page with Tom Petty's death announcement

Yes, Tom Petty is Dead, His Family Confirms

Full statement: — Tom Petty (@tompetty) October 3, 2017 Tom Petty is dead. His family confirmed the news late Monday night on Twitter. The full announcement read: On behalf …..

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. by Mr. Hehn

Look at This Spot-On Portrait of Kurt Vonnegut

Just because we like it, we’re re-upping this portrait of author Kurt Vonnegut by our own Mr. Paul Hehn. This sketch was originally done for a post about Kurt Vonnegut’s marital contract …..

Photo of Princess Diana

The Death of Princess Diana Was the Birth of Who2

Who2 was born on this day 20 years ago, when the untimely death of Princess Diana made us wish for a simple online page with details about her life and death. The day was …..

Jerry Lewis Dances in ‘Cinderfella’

Comedian Jerry Lewis has died at age 91. And if you don’t know who Jerry Lewis was, you are not alone. We had 25-year-old guests at our home tonight who …..

Apollo 11: It Was 48 Years Ago Today

Yes, the brave lads of Apollo 11 took those first big steps on the moon on July 20, 1969: 48 years ago today. Here’s NASA’s video of the big moment: #OTD in …..

Martin Landau: Three Solid Scenes

Actor Martin Landau has died at the grand age of 89. He was, remarkably, a professional cartoonist for The New York Daily News before chucking it all to become an actor …..