Monthly Archive: August 2012

Photo from 'Clint Eastwood's Big Fail'

Clint Eastwood’s Big Fail

I couldn’t stand to watch more than 20 seconds of “Clint Eastwood Unleashed.” I was too embarrassed, both for Eastwood and the GOP.

Photo from 'Kurt Vonnegut's Marital Contract'

Kurt Vonnegut’s Marital Contract

In 1947 Kurt Vonnegut drew up a contract with his wife — he didn’t want her to “nag, heckle or otherwise disturb” him.

Photo from 'President Obama Does Reddit'

President Obama Does Reddit

President Obama answered a handful of questions on Reddit today — and none of them had to do with Chewbacca.

Photo from 'No Orwell Statue for the BBC'

No Orwell Statue for the BBC

 There will be no statue of George Orwell at the headquarters of the BBC. Because he was too far left?

Photo from 'More Photos of Neil Armstrong'

More Photos of Neil Armstrong

You should see this photo gallery of “the Armstrong the public didn’t always get to see.”

Photo from 'A Collection of Neil Armstrong Videos'

A Collection of Neil Armstrong Videos

The first man to step on the moon has died. Famously publicity shy, Neil Armstrong was hard to figure out. Watch him on video over the last four decades.

Photo from 'Will Lance Be Stripped?'

Will Lance Be Stripped?

Cycling champ Lance Armstrong has given up fighting charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Will he lose all his medals?

Photo from 'Tony Scott Had Brain Cancer: Report'

Tony Scott Had Brain Cancer: Report

ABC News is reporting that the action director had inoperable brain cancer when he jumped from a Los Angeles bridge yesterday.

Photo from 'A Wonderful Prank in Pink'

A Wonderful Prank in Pink

From Holland, a funny video of “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Pink,” in which a little brother learns a lesson.

Photo from 'Signs of Bill Murray'

Signs of Bill Murray

Today I walked past a home that still hopes to have Bill Murray crash their party. See the photo of “Bill Murray Can Crash Here.”

Photo from 'Oprah's Mutual of Aha Moment'

Oprah’s Mutual of Aha Moment

 Who knew that Oprah battled an insurance company over the rights to a common phrase?

Photo from ''Son of Sam' Speaks'

‘Son of Sam’ Speaks

 Mass murderer David Berkowitz says violence is bad. As if he didn’t already prove that 35 years ago.

Photo from 'How Much Hobbit is Too Much Hobbit?'

How Much Hobbit is Too Much Hobbit?

Director Peter Jackson is stretching a modest little book into three big movies. Great idea or greedy blunder?

Photo from 'Addio, Casablanca!'

Addio, Casablanca!

The editor laments the closing of an old favorite haunt.

Photo from 'Usain Bolt Wins Gold Again'

Usain Bolt Wins Gold Again

The Jamaican sprinter sets a new Olympic record in the 100 meters.